Getting confused on the level of service you need for your company? Don’t quite know what each model entails? Check this out:

Managed Services

Hourly Packages 

Ad hoc Services


Basic trouble-shooting
Follow up on outstanding issue 1
Help-desk support for immediate response 1
Preventive Maintenance 1
Constant Monitoring of system


Easy Scalable Plan
Controlled IT Service Budget ✖ 2

Service Experience

Dedicated Team of Engineer
Service Consistency
IT Admin Services
Dedicated Project Manager for Project Management


Asset Management
Compliances check
IT forecasting and expansion planning

1: Deduct from the hourly package.

2: All issues will be deducted from the hourly package, and duration would vary based on the efficiency of the engineer.


Find out how these models work here: IT Support Services – How we offer our services

Computer Guys provides proactive IT support services. Find out why we don’t offer ad hoc services here: Ad Hoc IT Support for your business? You’re doing it all wrong. 


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