The role of an IT manager is crucial to the wellbeing of any company. If you use computers at work, then the functionality of your business depends on the capabilities of this person. The job of an IT manager is challenging because advancements in the world of technology happen at a rapid pace but unfortunately, not everyone can step up to this challenge. Bad performance from an IT manager can drag down the overall performance of the company, so how do you know when to let that person go? Here are 5 tell-tale signs:

1) Your office’s technology is woefully outdated

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We understand that there may be budget constraints, but using outdated equipment will affect productivity levels and you can always count on them to fail at a crucial moment. Besides, it is the job of your IT manager to push for the necessary upgrades while keeping all costs within budget.

2) You have to go through a ridiculous amount of red tape for new implementations

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Again, we must stress that IT managers are there to help improve your workflow with technology, not make life more difficult for you.

3) All of your IT staff are unhappy


This definitely raises a red flag. When this happens, talk to your IT staff about their grievances to find the root cause of the problem. It could be that your IT manager micromanages the team, thereby giving off the impression that he or she does not trust the team members.

4) Your IT projects always take longer than the estimated timeline


It could be that the people doing the implementations are slowing things down, or that you were given an inaccurate estimated date of completion. Either way, it reflects poorly on the capabilities of your IT manager. A person in this role should be able to push people to complete tasks on time and more importantly, give a realistic gauge of the project’s timeframe. You have no need for someone who overpromises and cannot deliver the results.

5) You are getting complaints from everywhere

People complain only when they have encountered rudeness or incompetency. If left unaddressed, the issue may lead to a rift in the workplace or sour relations with your IT vendors. So take complaints about your IT manager seriously and take the necessary measures to rectify the problem.



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