Yes we know, work can get rather stressful at times and a few deep breaths are not sufficient to suppress that urge to strangle someone at work. Luckily, there are quite a few app games that you can download on your smartphone to help you channel your stress and anger elsewhere. Try them!





Angry Birds


You will never know how therapeutic catapulting birds into building structures and can be until you have tried this game. There are also themed versions of this game, such as Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Star Wars and even a spin-off game, Bad Piggies. Talk about keeping things fresh and exciting!



Minimalists would love this game. The premise is simple – connect two or more dots of the same colour to earn points. If you manage to draw a square or a circle with the connected dots, then all the dots of that colour will be cleared from the screen. Rather simple and fast game for days when you have little time to spare.

Paper Toss


This is exactly what it sounds like. You are also less likely to get scolded by your boss (or fired!) if you use this app instead of doing it physically.

Plants vs Zombies 2


No green thumb? No problem! It takes awhile to learn what each plant does and what special abilities each zombie has, but this games gets really addictive once you have gotten the hang of it. Also, there is the satisfaction of seeing the zombies getting decapitated, so that might be rather cathartic for when you are dealing with stupid coworkers.

Smash The Office 


Your boss probably will not take it very kindly if you go on a rampage around the office, but hey, at least this game gives you a virtual office to smash. As you move on to higher levels and collect more coins, you will be able to upgrade your stats and weapons.




 If mathematical puzzle games are your thing, you will love the challenges that Drop7 throws at you. It takes awhile to learn how to play this game, so if you disliked math in school then this might end up stressing you out even more!


Zell Low

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