The people behind CG (Part 2) – Client Service Team

​Working in a position that demands a lot of face-to-face client engagement can be a gratifying and interesting experience, but it’s never an easy task. Working with a variety of customers who all have diverse goals might be difficult, but the personal and professional benefits are substantial, and there are always new hurdles to overcome.

Previously, we shared some stories about our Business Service Team, and today, we would share more narratives on our Client Service Team.

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The People Behind CG (Part 1) – Corporate Service Team

Very often, the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes usually fade into the background and are not given enough credit or an in-depth understanding of what they do on a daily basis. Here at Computer Guys, we emphasize greatly on teamwork and open communication, in order to provide meaningful service experiences to all our customers.

Besides our client service team, all these can’t be done without our corporate service team as well. We have an amazing team of individuals, who oversee the operations team and plan for what lies ahead for the organization. We will then look behind the scenes today and share with you more about them!

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How To Select The Best IT Support for Your Business?

Every business is trying their best to beat the increasing competition to stay ahead. Some things, however, can only be handled by outsourced IT support companies. A business should always consider hiring an IT support firm as one of its major considerations. The reason behind them is to improve a business’s technology and overall workflow productivity so they can always stay ahead. Companies that do not outsource their IT eventually spend a great deal of money and time trying to maintain their solutions and equipment on their own.

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5 Simple Steps you need to do for a successful IT Budget

It’s the time of the year again when many businesses start to fumble to re-evaluate and forecast their annual budget for the coming year. Times are different now whereby every penny we spend we have to be accountable for due to the uncertain pandemic situation over the past two years. Thus, getting a proper annual budgeting outline for your operations is definitely crucial for all businesses no matter how big or small your business is. 

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