Yes, we’ll admit, machines are not perfect. They do not always work the way they are supposed to and when that happens it causes some distress to us as users. Sometimes, these faults seemed like they just happened without any rhyme or reason, which makes it hard for normal users to fix the problem.

Before you rush down to the nearest repair shop, try some of the following actions recommended by Computer Guys! These simple steps may just save you a ton of trouble and frustration:

IT Solutions 1: Restart the device

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Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Laptops, PCs and smartphones are prone to malfunctions every now and then. This is very normal as bugs may occur whenever you update something on your device (or accidentally downloaded something icky from the Internet).

If you find that some programs or functionality of your device is not working, the first thing you should do is just switch your device off and on again. Simple!

IT Solutions 2: Plug it in

Plug It In

This may sound stupid to you, but we have seen it happen too many times: A device suddenly shuts off on its own and refuses to start up again despite frantic jabs on the power switch from the clueless user.

When that happens, just connect the device to a power source. It may be that the device simply ran out of battery, or that it needs a little more power to get started up again.

IT Solutions 3: Take the battery out


On the other hand, if your device freezes or is not able to perform any action for the past ten minutes, try pulling the battery out if it is detachable. This will do a hard reset on your device and stop it from lagging.

IT Solutions 4: Delete, delete, delete



If your device went haywire after you have downloaded an app, a program or a file off the Internet, delete it straightaway. Also, having ample space on your storage drive prevents your device from lagging, so be sure to do a spring cleaning on your device every now and then.

IT Solutions 5: Blow or slap it


Remember how you used to get a faulty Gameboy cartridge working again by just blowing on it? Yea, it works in certain situations too. Other times, it helps to be a little physical with the equipment. So feel free to give that monitor a slap (but not too hard) every now and then when it is not working.


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