Concluding 2014


It’s already December, what happened to your New Year resolutions? For those who achieved them, we applaud you. Those those who didn’t, there’s always another chance in the year to come. For Computer Guys, 2014 started out with the goal of tenacious growth. For starters, we shifted to a larger office (and we are really proud of that) in Redhill. You can relive the experience here.


The setting up of the CG research team marks another milestone this year, one that enabled flexibility beyond our imagination. We are now able to tap on their creative minds to innovate and produce better products for our clients.


The team is pleased to unveil improved versions of CGBackup and CGNetwork. Our CGBackup System Version 5 now has an redundancy storage attached, so reliability is increased tremendously. The CGNetwork Gateway Version 2 is also equipped with similar improvements in terms of hardware redundancy. To ensure maximum efficiency, it is also 30% faster and supports 50% more users than its predecessor – all at almost no cost increase to our customers.


Computer Guys has set out with the aim of to bringing technology closer to people and you can count on the research team to do that and more, with limitless possibilities. In view of providing better service, we also upgraded our phone systems recently, allowing us to improve call-routing and manage service deliveries better.


Computer Guys cannot be any happier as we are now supporting and actively serving 100 companies on our end. This gives us a learning experience like no other – different concerns to solve, catering to different needs and receiving valuable feedbacks, all while forging meaningful friendships along the way. Additionally, we have our clients to thank for the vote of confidence, let 2015 be another year of growth as we build on our partnership.


Computer Guys are keeping ourselves grounded despite our achievements and milestones in 2014. Great things take time and we are looking to shine even brighter beyond the coming years. Thank you once again for the faith, for we’d be nothing without it. Here’s to a great, prosperous year ahead.




Kei Ng

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