Do you have devices that you are no longer using and are laying at the corner of your offices/homes? With the year closing, now is the perfect time to declutter your old electronic devices and put them to better use!

According to the TowardsZeroWaste organization, about 60,000 tonnes of e-waste are generated by Singapore within a year. The amount is equivalent to throwing about 70 mobile phones per person! With more spending power and new technology constantly replacing old ones, this number is anticipated to rise.


Why is it important to properly dispose of E-Waste?

Recycle valuable and scarce resources:

Silver and gold can be recycled during the proper process of recycling E-Waste.

Help the environment and improve your living conditions:

When materials from the devices are not handled properly, it can produce harmful substances such as cadmium and lead. These substances could cause harm to not just our environment but also our health. Furthermore, when e-waste is burned, carbon emissions are released, contributing to global warming. 

Peace of mind:

Decluttering unwanted E-Waste is also a form of self-care to remove unwanted distractions from your living space. This can promote a positive impact on your well-being and living environment. By letting go of the excess stuff in your house can allow you to experience the benefits of less. 


How can I play a part?

A) If you have devices that are still working and it does not spark joy to you anymore, consider donating them. Check out the link here for more information.


B) Business owners who are updating or doing a hardware refresh or downsizing of the teams can also consider donating them too! Since Christmas is around the corner, and it’s the season of giving, why not donate functional workstations (Laptops/desktops), IT peripherals (Mouse, keyboards & e.t.c) for a good cause! 

Interested parties can click on the link to find out more:


C) If your device is damaged and cannot be repaired, drop them at your nearest E-Waste Bins. As Singapore becomes a zero-waste nation, it is vital that E-Waste is properly handled to ensure valuable resources are recycled. 


You may check out the nearest E-waste bin at


We hope this information can help you to take a step towards decluttering E-Waste and understanding the importance of properly disposing of them. Nothing is more important than our health and the environment we live in. 

If you do not know yet, at Computer Guys, we are also looking at more efforts to create a more sustainable environment. If you are part of our clientele, feel free to contact us to arrange for certified collection and disposal of E-Waste*.

* Depending on the bulk of equipment. 


Vivien Wong

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