New Year’s Resolutions are often tied to personal goals that are hopeful, but are often forgotten by the end of the year. It has been estimated that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions out of the 45% who actually make them. The statistics also show that while many kept their resolutions through the first month, almost 50% of them have already abandoned their resolutions by June.




So you think, “brand new year, brand new start”, right? Wrongly, actually, this is just an excuse everyone weaves up at the back of their minds. There’s no opportune time, or “right” time to start. You just..start. If you are going to wait until you’re ready, then you will never be. This breaks the notion of a New Year’s resolution because you don’t have to wait for an entire year before embarking on a new goal.


If you absolutely have to wait, set your goals as simple (and achievable) as possible. Although it’s possible to lose 50kg in a year, it’d be rather unhealthy and taxing on your body. Set the weight lost at say, 25kg for the year instead, aiming for a gradual increase. Also, do not have more than 3 resolutions for the year in order to keep yourself focused.



Computer Guys hope to have our team of System Administrators doubled this year. Besides that, we also like to take this chance to reaffirm our commitment in delivering quality service and bringing technology closer to people. Allow us to present a better version of ourselves to you, both individually and as an organization.



Kei Ng

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