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As an IT support service firm, the most frequent comment we hear from new or potential clients looking for proactive IT support is this:

“Why is it so expensive?”

Followed by:

“There is really no need for us to get proactive IT support. We just need someone to come down as and when there is a problem.”

The trouble with such an arrangement is that it might end up incurring extra “hidden costs” for your business. This is because the technology in your workplace is the vehicle that drives your business and should be treated as such.

Think of it as a car that you use frequently to ferry your loved ones around. Will you wait for it to break down before sending to the garage, or will you send it for regular servicing to make sure that you do not put your passengers in danger?

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In this digital age, our businesses are so reliant on technology that if it stops working, all operations come to a standstill. IT issues in the workplace take an average of 8 hours, which is the equivalent of one working day, to solve. Think about how much that can cost your business. Here are just some aspects of it:

  1. Manpower costs
  2. Customer dissatisfaction
  3. Sales
  4. Production time
  5. Competitive ability

According to a study by technology performance company Compuware, the failure of technology has caused global companies an average short-term loss of $10.8 million. Read more about their study on the business impact of technology performance here.

On top of all of that, you also have to take into account the amount of money needed to engage an IT services firm to help fix the issue. If you engage an ad hoc IT firm that charges by the hour, the costs will run even higher if the IT issue happens to be a complex one that needs a longer time to fix. Are you prepared to take that financial risk?

Proactive IT support over ad hoc IT solutions

Computer Guys – Proactive IT Support

When choosing an IT servicing company, it is important to keep in mind that you will experience better customer service and less frustration with a company that provides proactive IT support compared to a company that only does reactive IT support.

Computer Guys belongs in the category of IT companies who provides proactive IT support. By doing so, we ensure that our clients experience minimal downtime and have preparations in place in case of disruptions. For instance, we have spare laptops ready when your workstation suffers from a hard disk failure. Our engineers also carry out routine checks on-site every fortnight, so that we can rectify any issues we spot before it can cause any major problems.

In the long run, the monthly amount that you pay for a proactive IT support service would result in bigger savings and returns compared to engaging an ad hoc firm for one-time IT services. Therefore, it is advisable to have a budget set aside for IT maintenance, regardless of whether your company is a medium enterprise or a small startup.

Take a look at this infographic on how much technology performance can cause:

Business and IT support


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2 thoughts on “Ad hoc IT support for your business? You’re doing it wrong.

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  2. […] Computer Guys provides proactive IT support services. Find out why we don’t offer ad hoc services here: Ad Hoc IT Support for your business? You’re doing it all wrong.  […]

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