The Internet is a wonderful place, which is why we feel that it deserves a feature of its own on this blog. Think about it, what would you be doing now if you do not have Internet access? How else are you going to connect with your friends, discover new forms of entertainment or decide on where (or what) to eat?

Every once in awhile, we chance upon a piece of gem on the Internet. We, your friendly IT service providers at Computer Guys will highlight such finds in this monthly feature, because good things are meant to be shared.

As many of you might have already known, YouTube is a time sink. You click on a YouTube link that someone had sent you and before you know it, you had spent the last hour or so watching completely irrelevant videos such as one of a man arguing with an angry ibex in Spanish.

Recently, more and more movies are getting uploaded on the video sharing platform, giving Internet users more reasons to stay on YouTube. Yes you read that right, you can now have your weekend movie marathons on YouTube for free.

Of course, this is not the first time that movies are made available on YouTube. However, previous movie uploads were a hassle to find as they were often given code names to avoid detection (which will result in its removal) and a single movie would be cut into several shorter video clips due to the file size limit.

Now, all you have to do is to type in the movie title and “full movie” in the search box and you will get the full-length movie in a single video clip. Some of them are even in high definition! Granted, you may not be able to find the latest films here, but it is a great way to watch older movies, especially if retailers are not selling the DVDs anymore.

A search of movie title with the words, “full movie” will throw up the full-length movies on YouTube.
A search of movie title with the words, “full movie” will throw up the full-length movies on YouTube.

To make things easier, all you need is a steady Internet connection to watch a movie on YouTube. You do not need to wait for the download to finish nor does it take up precious storage space on your computer. The suggested videos function on YouTube is also a bonus in this case because it links you to other movies, which makes viewing more convenient for you.

Here are some movies that Computer Guys has found on YouTube:
*Computer Guys is obligated to say that we do not condone movie-viewing while at work, unless your employer is reading this too!



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