4 reasons why you should opt for server virtualization


1.  Reducing reliance on physical hardware

Using less for more and using less to cut cost – now that is a scenario many in the corporate world will appreciate. Server virtualizers provide you with just that option without cutting down on functionality and capacity. 


2. Reducing operational and maintenance cost

If IT hardwares can take on a persona, they’ll be high-maintenance characters. Various costs are incurred just to keep them going – maintenance costs, electrical charges, cooling cost for heat dissipation (servers generate a lot of heat), racks, physical space etc. Using lesser hardwares will help you to cut down on these operational and maintenance costs.


3. Facilitating virtual migration

Server virtualization enables companies to migrate a virtual machine easily from one physical server to another with hardly any downtime – this is by far one of the greatest benefits of a virtualisation.

Think of it this way. When you use server virtualization, your data, files and applications will be stored on a universal format (virtual machine) that can be easily parked in most hardwares.

With this, disaster recovery is simplified as image-based backups can be restored easily on a functioning hardware, reducing the downtime for a failover.

Additionally, adopting server virtualization makes the journey to cloud a lot easier. You are, in a way, taking the first step towards a cloud system.


4. Partitioning independent virtual servers / applications

Having a good server infrastructure will help to maximise the full potential of your hardware and software. Read more about server infrastructures here.

Server virtualization allows you to design a flexible and robust server infrastructure; creating independent virtual machines for different functions and roles. Virtual machines can exist independently from each other in an effective and efficient ecosystem, without cannibalising each other for resources.

Going virtual is a game-changing platform in the IT industry. Using server virtualization is the first step in this direction as the technology develops, paving the way for more cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Come talk to us to find out how you can utilise this technology.



Nora Fong

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