It can be frustrating to teach your parents or grandparents how to use technology. But when they actually start to get the hang of it, hilarity ensues.

Like the time they tried to figure which buttons does what and did not realise that they left their webcam on:



And when you showed them this wonderful application called Photobooth your mac:

Now you don’t feel so bad about the 1498325 photos you and your friends took on Photobooth huh?


Then you thought it would be a good idea to upgrade their mobile phones to a smartphone. Until you start receiving texts like these:








But before you know it, they are getting really good at this technology thing.  Sometimes they might even discover alternative uses for the new functions on your favourite devices. Check out this dad who sent his son a bizarre video of him testing out the iPhone 5S slo-mo video mode:


That said, there is a downside to having tech-savvy parents. Just ask this Australian girl who got tickets for her friends and her to a One Direction concert, only for her mother to sell them off on eBay for lying about spending the night at an older boy’s house. Ouch.


Do you have any similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below!


Nora Fong

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