Looking back on 2013

Seeing that this is our last blog post for 2013, it seems only befitting that we reflect on the past year and look forward to what the new year has in store for us. So many good things has happened for Computer Guys this year and it would not have been possible without you, our dear clients and partners. Thus, we would like to start off by saying a big thank you for your continuous support and faith in us.

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Hacking: What you think it's like and how it actually is

Hacking: What you think it’s like and how it actually is

When hacking is mentioned, what is the first thing that immediately pops into your mind? A bunch of indecipherable code flashing across a black screen? Loss of critical data and leaked information? What about your impression of hackers? No thanks to Hollywood and media reports, most people would think of them as evil geniuses who use their knowledge of technology to wreck havoc and create a public nuisance.

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