Very often, the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes usually fade into the background and are not given enough credit or an in-depth understanding of what they do on a daily basis. Here at Computer Guys, we emphasize greatly on teamwork and open communication, in order to provide meaningful service experiences to all our customers.

Besides our client service team, all these can’t be done without our corporate service team as well. We have an amazing team of individuals, who oversee the operations team and plan for what lies ahead for the organization. We will then look behind the scenes today and share with you more about them!

Founder – Julian Ma


Being the founder of a company is never an easy task and there are many challenges to overcome. According to Julian, the CEO & founder of Computer Guys, “The most difficult aspect of running any business is leading and growing your people”. Julian also shared: “My advice for someone starting a business for the first time is to lose yourself in the service of others and never ever stop learning”.

At times, we also would ask ourselves, what exactly does success mean? In Computer Guys, we strongly believe that, “Success means within one’s lifetime you have contributed something meaningful to this world and have a positive impact on people’s lives”.

Being a true entrepreneur at heart and in spirit, Julian is set to bring forth the improvements of IT services to the global stage. Excellent service is fundamentally at the core of his entrepreneurship endeavour.


Business Development Manager – Johnny


The role of Business Development in Computer Guys is to drive subscription revenue upwards governed by company values and establish as many strategic channels as feasible while working towards the organizational direction set out. In order to fulfil this role, Johnny’s goal is to make Computer Guys an established name in Singapore. “When people ask, ‘what company are you from?’ and I say ‘Computer Guys’. They would reply ‘ah! I’ve heard of them’.”

We have also asked Johnny for his opinion on a world-wide calibre, where he thinks CG stands in the fast-growing tech industry. Here are his thoughts:

“Firstly, Computer Guys began as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) back in 2010. It is not commonly known in Singapore but a matured and well-used concept in Australia, Europe, and US. Since 2010, we have established ourselves to be a sizable entity, a leader in the SME market (from time to time, we posed a strong competition to the likes of a global strong house that boasts of more than 10,000 employees.

We stand ahead of the curve, with traditional management personnel changing their mindset of in-house IT functions to outsourced. With a fast-growing technology industry, we can only become more important and our collective knowledge would be all the more relevant easily for the next 10 years.”

Any expansion plans for CG in the near future?

Like all construction, a good establishment, whether vertically or horizontally will require a solid foundation. We are in the midst of transforming our operations. To cater to more by being more efficient with our service provision and maintaining quality using lean teams and utilization of tools.

We aim to be certified one way or another to enhance our service credibility by 2022. Especially when the government’s regulations imposed on SMEs and various sectors become compulsory, our certification will bring us ahead of our competitors and allow us to be the first movers into market penetration.


Research and Development – Zi Hui


R&D refers to the actions that businesses engage in in order to innovate and create new goods and services. It is frequently the initial stage of the development process. The objective is usually to bring innovative goods and services to market while also increasing the company’s efficiency & profits so we could always be one step ahead of our competitors.

Sadly, many companies didn’t see this as necessary, and thus staying constant and ended up winding up their operations after a short period of time.

According to Zi Hui, “In order to bring forth the company, we help to simplify work procedures and always improve on our systems to ensure smooth communication within our team members”. Currently, Zi Hui is working on improving internal processes and collaboration platforms for the organization and the clients. This in return aligns with one of our company’s core values of ‘constant improvement’.


Procurement – Parry


The procurement team is usually the ones who draw up the budget & advise the organization on how much money they should spend on the items or services they require. Procurement is frequently an important aspect of a company’s strategy since the capacity to acquire certain products or services may influence whether or not operations are successful.

In Computer Guys, procurement also deals with a range of activities like purchasing, sales, delivery, scheduling, and internal asset management. Parry, our head of procurement said: “In short, we are the backbone of the company” and it is very true because, without the procurement department, it will be very difficult to keep track of products & inventory for our operations to run smoothly. Furthermore, with the help of the sourcing capabilities that the team has, clients can be assured that products and solutions recommended/purchased are suitable and cater to the type of business that the client operates in.


Human Resource – Eileen


The pandemic has caused disruption of the organizations and their working environment. Many companies have shifted to a remote work style to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. As remote work style means lesser face-to-face communication and more of virtual interaction only.

As a HR Manager, there are many aspects to look into for the well-being of the employees such as ensuring they are motivated, engaged, and connected with the rest of the team members. According to Eileen, “The most difficult part of planning activities for employees when everyone is working from home is scheduling the available time for everyone…as well as the activities that will appeal to all as there are limited available activities to do”.

However, despite these setbacks and limitations, she never fails to stay positive. In fact, during this period of time, Computer Guys continue to welcome new joiners. Eileen also highlighted that more people should join our fast-growing family because we have comprehensive staff benefits, prop-family culture, and a Flexi WFH arrangement. In addition to that, We are also very big on awarding and recognizing the team members who contribute selflessly!



Bringing a company to the next level involves the efforts of every department. At CG, every individual counts regardless of whether they are part of the corporate support team or the customer-facing team. It was even more incredible to see that our team members continue to stay true to their goals and the company’s value despite the limitations due to the pandemic.

To the people behind the support team, we thank you for your passion to serve and your unwavering support towards the whole organization!


Vivien Wong

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