End of Life for Windows 7 & Microsoft Office 2010.

If you are unaware, Microsoft made an announcement early last year that they are ceasing their technical support & updates for Windows 7 on 14 January 2020 & Microsoft Office 2010 on 13 October 2020.*

What does End of Life (EOL) mean?: 

EOL simply means that security updates & support are no longer provided, and it is recommended that you upgrade to a newer operating system. If you happen to be one of those affected users, don’t worry, you are not alone, many corporate environments are still on it too. Read on to find out what this means for you and what you can do for your firm. 

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Common steps to fix IT problems

Yes, we’ll admit, machines are not perfect. They do not always work the way they are supposed to and when that happens it causes some distress to us as users. Sometimes, these faults seemed like they just happened without any rhyme or reason, which makes it hard for normal users to fix the problem.

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