Yes we know, it is devastating when your computer crashes at work but that is no reason to scream at a poor IT chap who is just trying to do his (or her) job! Here are 7 good reasons for why you should be nice to the IT department.

1) They are the only ones in the whole office who knows how to fix computers.


Yeah, not exactly a wise move to use strong language on the only people who can make that blue screen of death go away.

2) They can help you retrieve that very *important* file you just lost.


Accidentally deleted a working file? Computer crashed? Hard disk failed? Take a few deep breaths and call up the IT department. If you have been nice, then they might be more compelled to go through a lot more trouble to get that file back. If not…well good luck explaining it to your boss.

3) They are probably the most misunderstood people in the office.

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Time seems to crawl to a halt when your computer is not working eh? This downtime is the worst for IT people because they will hear things like: “Why can’t you get it up and running yet?”, “But you’ve had the whole day to work on this!”, “Stop slacking off and fix it!”, etc. Before you berate the IT department for being too slow, remember that they want the issue solved ASAP too so that you will stop breathing down their necks.

4) Getting angry at them will not make them fix things faster. 


However, a little tender loving care might!

5) Because IT people have feelings too you know


They are not computer fixing robots. They are real people, with very real feelings that get hurt when you shout at them for something that is not their fault.

6) Perks!


Some offices have certain websites such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter blocked. Hey, guess who can unblock them for you if you are nice?

7) They know how to make computers work. Or not work.


The office pranks that you and your colleagues pull will look like child’s play compared to when IT people turn nasty. Just read these horror stories.



Zell Low

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