Virtual conference is a norm now and it’s everywhere! We understand that it can be difficult to adapt and still look professional virtually. Hence, we created these 9 virtual conference tips for you! 

1. Be Early

It is important to be well prepared before a meeting by ensuring your camera, microphone, and speaker or headphones are working properly. In case there are any issues, you will still have time to fix them and prevent any delays in the meeting.

2. Appearance Check

Adjust your camera position to ensure your entire face can be seen clearly. It is also crucial to choose a place with good lighting facing you, for example, sitting near the window or any source of light. Lastly, ensure that you are wearing appropriately for the meeting. 

3. Clear Your Desktop

In case you are required to share your screen, close any displays that have confidential information before the start of the meeting. This is to prevent any awkward situation of closing the displays quickly while the rest of the audience is still watching your screen or breaching any confidential policy.

4. Charge Your Devices

Plug in your computer to prevent logging out in the middle of the meeting when your battery is flat. It will be awkward to make the rest of your colleagues wait for you to rejoin the meeting.

5. Check WIFI Speed

Imagine with unstable WIFI and your face froze in the middle of the meeting? Or your colleagues could not hear you speak because of the slow/choppy WIFI connection? Before the start of the meeting, do check your WIFI speed via this link, A good WIFI speed is usually at or above 25 Mbps. 

Psst’ if you think your current workplace is facing connectivity or other IT-related issues, contact us today for an onsite IT audit for your environment!

6. Mute When You’re Not Speaking

To prevent distraction from any background noises. It is recommended to move to a quieter corner in your house or workplace so that when you are speaking, your audience can hear you better.

7. Switch Off Your Camera When Necessary

To prevent distraction if you are temporarily moving away or doing something else such as carrying your cat away from your desk. 

8. Be Attentive

Give good eye contact by facing the camera because if you look elsewhere, others might think you are not focusing on what they are speaking. Remember, you are more noticeable as compared to offline meetings, so stay focused!

9. Have a Neat Background

Use a virtual background to look more professional because with a cleaner background (if you do not have one), your audience will be able to focus on you instead of any distractions behind you. 

We have chosen a few professional-looking background pictures for you to save and use for your next virtual meeting!

Bright and simple home interior design
Bright simple room in Scandinavian style
Simple living room

We have also created a bite-size infographic that you can save for reference and share! 


Nora Fong

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