Since early April 2020, most organizations have activated their business continuity plan (BCP) in light of the Covid-19 situation. We understand that many are facing challenges in managing their manpower, revenue & resources during this difficult time. With this, many have been forced to minimize/shut their daily operations at their workplace and moved towards telecommuting from their homes.

Besides having to consider the capabilities of your software and hardware while working remotely, being cyber-safe is equally important. Hackers are now having a spree targeting users who are working directly from home knowing that you are out of your organization’s secured networks. The last thing you want to face is to have unauthorized people accessing your company’s confidential data.

Given these circumstances, we have put together a few tips that we have figured out that might come in handy to you.

Working from home can make you more vulnerable to hackers & cyber-attacks, should you encounter any unusual or suspicious activities in your terminal, do alert your IT support team.

Stay home, stay safe!


Nora Fong

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