Many of you may already know that we’ve moved out of our old office at Northstar, Ang Mo Kio at the end of last month. Our new address is at Shriro House, 11 Chang Charn Road, #04-03, S(159640).

Curious about how our new office looks like? Well, welcome to our Computer Guys virtual tour! We begin by walking through the front doors.

IMG_0888 copy

Once in, you’ll see our company name proudly emblazoned on the wall to the left.


Our office has a no-shoe policy, so there’s a shoe rack and a seating area near the entrance for convenience.


Here’s a closer look at the pantry area. We especially love the long table because now we have a comfortable spot to chit chat with our colleagues during tea break!


The best feature in our office’s design is this wall here. Can you guess what it is?


You can actually…


…push it open…


…to reveal a bathroom! Talk about the Chamber of Secrets.


And now, on to the main office area! We designed the workspace with a hot desking concept in mind, which means that there is no designated desk for our system administrators. Instead, they can sit wherever they want, whenever they want.

We have a main workbench in the middle of the office where most of our system administrators like to sit, but the most coveted spots are these cosy booths.


Outside the meeting room, we have our lounge area.


And this is our meeting room’s setup!




Back in our old office, our senior system administrator Farid sat on a yoga ball instead of a chair because it is better for his back. So we got a few more yoga balls in the new office for those who want to try it as well. And yes, that is our operations manager Zell taking five to hone his NERF gun slinging skills.


More of our rest and recreation area.


Our senior system administrator Parry even brought his side project to the office. There’s a tomato plant, a chilli plant and thyme!


Yes, we have a growing NERF gun collection.

IMG_0922 IMG_0923

Lockers, free for all.


And finally, another one of our favourite areas – the sleeping room. Open for use at any time of the day!


And that’s the end of our virtual tour folks!



Nora Fong

One thought on “Welcome to the new Computer Guys HQ!

  1. Gabriel G on September 19, 2014 at 11:54 am Reply

    Congratulations again guys! The new office looks super-fun! Look forward to dropping by one day to check it our in person 🙂

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