The pandemic of Covid-19 has affected every aspect of our lives, whether it is in our daily activities or operationally, in our businesses. It is a huge challenge by itself, for firms to encounter and adapt to the myriad of possible changes no matter the size of the company. It has eventually left many organizations with no choice but to continue with their business activities and encouraging their employees to work from home wherever possible.

With this, the respective IT departments of organizations have to step up their game with the new normal in managing new major responsibilities, chief of which is in the strategic re-deployment of employees to their different geographical locations. They have to provide ample support for their employees to complete their daily tasks, facilitating cross-departmental collaboration through cloud tools and most importantly, to rein in and minimize the loss of confidential data. All these sudden implementations have caught many IT departments off-guard, as it has become more demanding and challenging by the day.

In our featured interview with Channel Asia, our Founder, Julian Ma, has mentioned that “The pandemic caught many traditional businesses without remote working capabilities by surprise, meaning we had to quickly move to offer Covid-19 support solutions that were simple, holistic and low cost to help businesses continue operations remotely.”

So many of us have been wondering, what crucial role has Managed IT played and how our businesses can benefit from their services in difficult times like Covid-19?

Managed IT are information technology (IT) services or tasks that are provided by a third-party vendor. The services allow businesses to hand over specific IT operations to a third party who are experts in managing a range of IT responsibilities. On top of that, a well-managed & competent IT vendor should be able to provide you with the right recommendation of the tools required and assist you in making more informed decisions on your firm’s IT budget.

Here are more reasons why you should consider partnering with an outsourced IT vendor:

Most of the organizations have employees from all over the country who are now working remotely, in this case, Managed IT service is seen clearly to be a viable solution & advantage. Through these, all the employees within this circle will have the same great access to services as they had when working in a physical office. Through providing a focused centralized data pool & standardized best practices framework within the organization it will be helpful for company resources to be accessed & leveraged efficiently by the employees working remotely, which will in turn provide the optimum working flexibility & compactness required for competitiveness.

Robust Cyber Security:
Now that businesses are encouraging their employees to work from home, it is extremely important to maintain the security of your organization and protect your data’s confidentiality. A good MSP will suggest suitable tools to protect your company from the ever-menacing unprecedented cyber-attacks like Malware, across all the networks and devices. MSP also make sure that all the employees working remotely are fully informed and well-drilled in the knowledge of ‘work-from-home’ etiquette to prevent phishing/email attacks. This is to avoid any financial or data confidentiality loss in the business throughout this arduous but yet necessary exercise in ‘work decentralization’.

Business Productivity and Continuity:Using Managed IT services from a good MSP can help in business continuity and enhanced work productivity. With the on-going situation, it is indeed a challenge for organizations to transit from the conventional office set-up into the work-from-home model, hiring the right IT support from the MSP can eventually ease the burden from your shoulders and help in channeling in seamless business continuity and thereby, maintaining enhanced productivity.

If you’re still looking for the right team to handle your IT infrastructure and responsibilities or simply do not know what exactly is needed for your firm in this era of uncertainty, let us help. We have the suite of IT support & solutions specially catered for businesses who are currently looking at enhancing their current workflow at affordable rates. Read more in our Covid-19 packages here.


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