Let’s say that you want to purchase a laptop. How do you decide on which model to get? Even after you have decided on the laptop model, there are many different stores that are retailing it. Some of them will even offer you attractive discounts while others will throw in some useful accessories as a bundle deal. So which store do you buy from?


We say, go with the one that gives you the best customer service.

Go by this rule every time you buy a piece of IT equipment or sign up for an IT service. Make sure that the company or store that you are buying from has a good track record with their customers. Talk to the salespeople about what else they can do for you should you encounter any problems after the purchase. Are they friendly and patient when answering your questions? Did they make it easy for you to get all the information you need?

If they are a service-oriented company or retailer, then your answers to the above questions should be a resounding yes. Even if their prices are more expensive, it is worth paying a little bit more for service.

But why?

If you are an average consumer, chances are that you will encounter a difficulty or two with your new purchase. You may need some help in setting up your new purchase or you may run into an IT issue further down the road. When that happens, you need an expert to help you make that IT asset work again.

We might be biased when we say that service should be a priority for every company in the IT industry. After all, we are an IT service firm and we place a strong emphasis on improving the user experience with excellent customer service. However, we have seen so many cases where an IT vendor simply installs a piece of equipment for a company and just left it at that. Without any proper follow-up service, the users then become frustrated when their IT assets are not working the way they want it to.

Service is important in IT

We can tell you from our experience as an IT support services firm that a little customer services goes a long way in improving the user’s experience with technology. Sure, some companies’ core business is to sell physical products such as hardware or software, but that does not mean that they cannot value-add to their business by providing good customer service.

So the next time you are subscribing for an IT service or purchasing an IT equipment, refrain from going straight for the cheapest option and look around to see who can give you the best service instead!


Nora Fong

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