I am not sure how many of you have encountered the pain of losing all of your data when your computer or hard disk drive crashes.

The good news is, these failures are bound to get lesser as IT developers continue to engineer better machines. The bad news is that a new kind of data loss has surfaced and its malicious. So expect to lose everything one day – from the data on your smartphones and laptops to your entire online existence (Facebook, Twitter etc) if you are not too careful about it.

Perhaps the reason for this could be the over-reliance on current technology to backup and protect your own personal data, which leads to negligence on the end user’s part. Do you use the same password or login for every digital account you have? If you do, then you are putting yourself at risk.

Why is that so?

For instance, most users of Apple products would use iCloud to backup and sync their devices, including phones, tablets and laptops. If someone were to compromise your Apple ID, they would be able to remotely wipe everything you have backed up (read the article below).

Worst still, if the hacker managed to get hold of a password that you use across several accounts, he or she would be able to login to your social media accounts and essentially wipe you off the face of the online world.


So think about using a different password when you sign up for any online accounts or services. It might seem troublesome at first, but its one further step to protect data that is important to you.

To read the frightening first hand account from a man who had his entire digital life destroyed in one hour, click here.


Zell Low

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