Edging towards a Smart Nation

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During the recently held Founders Forum Smart Nation Singapore, PM Lee Hsien Loong called on starts-up to utilise Singapore as a gateway to test new ideas and create prototypes that will solve the world’s greatest challenges. This comes as part of a plan to transform Singapore to be the world’s first Smart Nation, functioning beyond that of a Smart City.

Singapore’s Smart Nation vision is a cross-government nation-wide project that pulls together different infrastructures, policies, structures etc to create a cohesive ecosystem that will be seamlessly connected by technology. Instead of focusing on singular technological advancements, this large-scaled project involves developing platform technologies to create opportunities for greater interactions, stronger communities and a higher quality of life.

As an agency whose main line of business revolves around technology, Computer Guys is eager to observe and ride on this wave of developments. The question then lies on how we can support and contribute to this vision of a Smart Nation.

Are we able to extend our mission to train the next generation to be the technological savvy individuals that this Smart Nation would need? Can we push for a defining standard in the maintenance of IT infrastructure to support SMEs, organisations and other agencies in the community to develop this Smart Nation?

To support this vision of a Smart Nation, Singapore is cultivating an experimentation culture and boosting entrepreneurship by providing much-needed resources, infrastructures and schemes to make Singapore the ideal place for prototype-making and ideas-generation.

These agencies would require a solid IT foundation to support their work and experiments, as well as well-trained manpower to ensure smooth-running IT infrastructures and systems.

Perhaps our main form of contributions lies in the training of manpower who would be fluent in the language of technology while providing IT infrastructure support and maintenance to these players for their experiments and prototype-making. Like elves to Santa – tirelessly working in the background to provide support so that these agencies could focus on their goals.









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    Good to see real expertise on display. Your coritibunton is most welcome.

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